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Asset finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of asset finance. Asset finance is a loan that is used to obtain equipment. Whenever organisations invest in tangible assets – anything from office equipment to manufacturing plants, from cars to a fleet of aircraft – they usually need an affordable, secure means of finance. Read more  about asset and equipment finance.

Hire purchase

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area if hire purchase. A hire purchase agreement, also referred to as HP, is a hire agreement which gives you an option to purchase at the end of the agreement. HP is normally a fixed cost (where the APR is set before the contract begins), fixed period loan (typically, 2-3 years) of money to purchase goods, which is secured against the asset being bought. Read more about hire purchase.

Finance lease

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of finance lease agreements. A finance lease is a method of financing an asset that is usually accessed by VAT-registered businesses and companies, however sole traders and partnerships can also take advantage of finance lease. It is a form of car finance where the asset remains the property of the finance company, with the asset or equipment effectively hired out to a business. The business can then use this asset while paying an effective rental rather than a repayment. Read more finance leases.

Operating lease

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of operating lease agreements. Operating leases, sometimes called service leases are used for shot-term leasing and often for assets that are high-tech or in which the technology changes often, like computer and office equipment. The lessee uses the property but does not take on the benefits or drawbacks of ownership, which are retained by the lessor. The rental cost of an operating lease is considered an operating expense. Read more about operating leases

Contract hire

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of contract hire. Car or Van Business Contract Hire Leasing, or business car leasing (or van) as it is sometimes called, is simply a method of long term renting, linked to a mileage allowance, which can provide your company a fixed monthly payment for any new vehicle. You can choose how long you want to keep the car or commercial van for, and simply send it back at the end of the contract and order a new vehicle. It is a really simple way to budget and fix your motoring costs, as all you do is insure and put fuel in your company vehicle (assuming you opt for a fully-maintained contract). Read More  about contract hire.

Working capital finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of working capital finance. Working capital financing is defined as “the capital of a business that is used in its day-to-day trading operations, calculated as the current assets minus the current liabilities.” For many companies, this is wholly comprised of trade debtors (that is, bills outstanding) and trade creditors (bills the company in question has yet to pay). Read more working capital finance.

Invoice finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of invoice finance. If you manage a business-to-business company trading on short-term credit, Invoice Finance can give you an immediate cash injection – of up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices. Invoice finance gives your company the opportunity to transform unpaid invoices into working capital. If your company is looking to take control of cash flow and fund growth, invoice finance Invoice Finance may be the ideal financing solution. Read more invoice finance.


Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of factoring. If you have a large number of unpaid invoices, you’ll know how frustrating it can be chasing to get them settled. Each one of them represents unrealised income, and can take 60 days or more to be turned into revenue. Factoring allows you to turn those bills into a relevant, usable source of capital with a minimum of delay. Read more about factoring

Invoice discounting

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of invoice discounting. Invoice discounting is an alternative way of drawing money against your invoices that allows you to retain control over your sales ledger. It can provide a cost-effective way to improve your cashflow. Invoice discounting is only available to businesses that sell products or services on credit to other businesses and isn’t normally available to retailers or cash traders. It is normally only available to businesses with a proven track record and established accounts departments. Read more about invoice discounting.

Commercial mortgages

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of commercial mortgages. Commercial mortgages are used to buy business premises or to buy an existing business in its entirety. Commercial mortgage lenders generally require a deposit of around 25%-40% of the total value and mortgage terms can run for one year, up to 40 years. Obtaining a commercial mortgage is based on the ability of your business to make the repayments. You will also find that lenders will assess your business before quoting you an interest rate. Read more about commercial mortgages.

Trade finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of trade finance. Trade Finance is a term for the provision of finance in order to enable goods to be purchased in order to satisfy an order. It is provided by the financier to bridge the funding gap between purchase and sale. Typical trade finance products include; loans, paying suppliers direct and letter of credit. Trade finance facilities are bespoke to the individual production, delivery and payment cycle of each trade. Trade finance can be for one off deals or on a revolving basis. Read more trade finance.

Asset Finance for startups

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of asset finance for startups. Asset based lending can be an alternative way for startups to free up cash in new businesses. Considering asset finance for startup business offers a solution to cash shortages early on. When considering asset finance for startups Gable Asset Finance can assess a startups individual circumstances and needs before committing to a specific finance contracts. Read more asset & equipment finance for startups.

Asset refinance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of asset refinance. Asset refinance can be a very effective business solution for releasing money tied up in assets that are already paid for. The security of asset finance is primarily taken on the asset concerned and is generally a stand-alone facility. Read more asset refinance.

Franchise finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of franchise finance. You must have a well-researched and detailed business plan; you must have all your documents and projections put together in a franchise finance presentation. One of the ways that you could open a business is to buy a franchise. Franchises provide the opportunity to buy into a proven business model. The cost of the franchise can vary significantly from one company to the next. In some cases, you pay the franchisor a certain amount and it oversees the development of the location for you. In these situations, you might expect to pay between £30,000 and £300,000 for everything. If you are only buying access to the franchise name and the system, you may be able to pay less than £100,000. Gable Asset Finance will then be the one who does the final selling of your proposal to the investor or lender. Read more franchise finance.

 Vehicles finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the area of vehicle finance. There are various methods available to finance a vehicle such as; hire purchase, conditional purchase, personal contract purchase (PCP), personal leasing, personal contact hire, personal loan, credit card, mortgage top up or secured loan. Each option has it advantages and disadvantages. Read more finance for vehicles and cars.

Sale and leaseback

Gable Asset Finance are experts in the sale and leaseback or assets, equipment and property for businesses. A sale and leaseback on a piece a equipment or other asset is an useful way of raising finance from an asset whilst still retaining the right to use to use it.  Sale and leaseback deals are most commonly done for land and buildings but are now commonplace for heavy and expensive large pieces of equipment. Read more sale and leaseback for businesses.

Maintenance inclusive finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in arranging maintenance inclusive finance facilities for businesses across the UK. For most items of heavy and technical equipment we recommend considering maintenance inclusive finance. All-Inclusive maintenance agreement combines routine maintenance and breakdown cover into one inclusive ‘trouble free’ package. Some maintenance inclusive finance packages include the added benefit of all component parts, service and labour costs. Read more maintenance inclusive finance facilities.

Equipment finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in providing equipment finance. Our equipment finance team can help you chose and fund specialist equipment. Please note that equipment finance can be used to provide equipment finance solutions in almost any sector. Read more equipment finance facilities.

Commercial finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in providing commercial finance. In the UK, commercial finance is the function of offering loans and finance to businesses. Commercial financing is generally offered by a bank or other lender. Most commercial banks offer commercial financing and the loans are either secured by business assets or alternatively can be unsecured, where the lender relies of the cash flows of the business to repay the facility. Read more commercial finance.

Business finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in business finance for most industry sector. There are many different types of finance available – each of them designed to meet different needs. Gable Asset Finance can help you by providing a list of the most suitable finance options for your business and help you secure it. Read more business finance options.

Shop fitting finance

Gable Asset Finance are experts in arranging shop fitting finance. If your business is looking for funds for fitting out a new shop or you need finance for re shop fitting existing premises we can help. Read more finance for shop fitting.

Equipment leasing

Gable Asset Finance are experts in all areas of equipment leasing. Whether you are expanding operations or replacing outdated or broken equipment, the aquisition of a new asset is an important decision for your business to make. Gable Asset Finance work with a wide panel of lenders and can offer tailor made solutions to business equipment leasing needs. Read more about equipment leasing.

Commercial property bridging loans

Gable Asset Finance are experts in proving access to commercial property and equipment bridging loans. Commercial bridging loans are is provided by the lenders to businesses to maintain cashflow while awaiting funds from grant cheques, drawdown of commercial mortgages or loan agreements, or other confirmed sources of future income. Read more commercial property and equipment bridging loans.


Gable Asset Finance is business finance brokerage specialising in asset and equipment finance. We offer confidential and non-judgemental advice on business finance options. We work with businesses of all sizes and commercial sectors finance assets, machinery and equipment. We have found asset, machinery, vehicle and equipment facilities for hundreds of businesses and remain in contact with all our clients.


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