Commercial Mortgages

A range of mortgages are available for the purchase of properties subject to terms & conditions. Ranging from the purchase of premises for your own use through to development property i.e. housing estates / office blocks etc.

Acceptable Securities

  • Pub
  • Hotel/Guest House
  • Farm
  • Light Industrial Unit
  • Residential Care/Nursing Home
  • Post Office
  • Office
  • Commercial Investment Property
  • Residential Investment
  • Holiday Flat/Cottage


Unacceptable Securities

Contact us to save wasting your time and energy!

Loan Amounts

£25,000 to £3m


  • Minimum 5 years
  • Maximum 25 years



Variable rates linked to LIBOR or FHBR or Bank Base Rate

Fixed Rates over 5 years or 10 years

The following are general guide lines which can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements, but are viewed on an individual basis and are flexible subject to the merits of each case.

Owner Occupied

Used to purchase premises to be used by the business for own use or to be shared with other businesses by renting part of the property.

Investment Property

Used to purchase premises with a view to then being let to generate income or to capitalise on increased property prices. Available to residential & commercial business tenants.

Development Property

Used to purchase land to develop both infrastructure and purpose built premises for either owner occupied or investment & sale purposes including residential development and business use.

Applying could not be easier

  • Details of your business experience
  • Statement of Assets & Liabilities
  • Property details (e.g. sales agent particulars)
  • 3 Years accounts signed off by accountants
  • A valuation of the property will also be required.


Criteria and Loan Rate

A Commercial Mortgage can be taken out to buy, extend, improve or remortgage premises usually within the criteria in the above table.


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