Asset Finance for Startups

You can rely on Gable Asset Finance to find the right asset finance and commercial leasing solution for your new business.

Whether you are looking for asset finance or equipment finance to buy new or second hand equipment or machinery we can help.

Raising money is often seen as the biggest hurdle to starting a business – but it shouldn’t be.

For all new start and recently established businesses, we require the following:

  • Full supporting write up on the individuals behind the business
  • Any relevant experience in owning an existing or previous successful business
  • Details of personal net worth of directors or owners of the startup business
  • Last 3 months personal bank statements.


The more relevant information provided, the better the prospect of an acceptance being forthcoming.

Finance for startup franchises

We will consider main brand and well supported franchises both new (depending on the relevant experience of the individuals) and existing depending on their success and the ongoing support provided by the franchisor. Typical examples are Bargain Booze, Costcutter, Spar & Subway.

Once you’ve drawn up your Business Plan, you will have a pretty clear idea of how much money you’re going to need. Now you must think about how to raise it.

There are three main ways:

  • Using your own money – your savings, maybe a redundancy payment. This is known as self-financing.
  • Borrowing money from the bank or another lending organisation. This is debt-financing.
  • Giving other people or a specialist equity company a share in the business – known as equity financing.
  • Digging into your own pocket


Using your own money is likely to mean some sacrifices. You may have to cut down on domestic costs, particularly in the early days. The advantage is that if things go well, you won’t be paying interest on loans and all the profits will be yours.

As an independent broker we have access to over 100 lenders across the UK and Internationally and will be able to access funds to finance startups and new businesses.


Gable Asset Finance is business finance brokerage specialising in asset and equipment finance. We offer confidential and non-judgemental advice on business finance options. We work with businesses of all sizes and commercial sectors finance assets, machinery and equipment. We have found asset, machinery, vehicle and equipment facilities for hundreds of businesses and remain in contact with all our clients.


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