Optical Finance

As technology advances in the optical field businesses may decide to lease some items of equipment and perhaps a business vehicle – instead of purchasing them. The advantage of a leasing agreement is that the cost of major items can be spread over an agreed period, which will help cash flow. Generally the payments are fixed at the beginning of the lease period and do not reflect movements in interest rates, although agreements over longer terms might include a variable rate option.

Lease payments are made monthly. Ownership of a leased item always remains with the leasing company, although you will normally be responsible for maintaining the item.

Gable Asset Finance has access to optical equipment and furniture finance facilities for businesses of all sizes and commercial sectors across the UK seeking finance for optical sector

You’ll need to equip your practice with standard clinic equipment such as:-


  • Volk Lenses
  • Exclusive Box Offers
  • Indirect Bio Lenses
  • 60D, 78D & 90D
  • ‘Super’ Lenses
  • ‘Digital’ Lenses
  • Indirect Contact Laser
  • Gonio Lens
  • Optical Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Autorefractors
  • Chart Projectors
  • Combi Units / Tables
  • Confirmation Test / Cyls
  • Domiciliary Equipment
  • Frame Heaters
  • Lensmeters
  • Mirrors
  • Keeler Retinoscopes
  • Keratometer
  • Near Vision
  • Pediatric Tests
  • Pupilometers
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Refractorheads
  • Slit Lamps – Haag
  • Slit Lamps – Digital
  • Slit Lamps – Zeiss
  • Trial Frames
  • Test Charts
  • Tonometers
  • Stereo Tests
  • Trial Lens Sets
  • Visual Field Screeners
  • Cupboard/Draw units
  • Dispensing Desk
  • Reception Desks
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Stools
  • Lab Equipment
  • Drills
  • Edging
  • Frame Heaters
  • Lensmeters
  • Tint Baths
  • Soldering units
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • UV Testers
  • Lab Accessories
  • Sprays & Cloths


Gable Asset Finance is not funded by or linked to any lender. You will receive straight forward, effective advice and we always act in your businesses best interests, not someone else’s.

You can apply online 24 hours a day and our office is open 7 days a week. You’ll get immediate advice, outlining the options open to your business. Whichever finance solution makes sense in your businesses circumstances, you can depend on Gable Asset Finance to show you an effective way forward at the lowest cost. Call us today on or apply online.


Gable Asset Finance is business finance brokerage specialising in asset and equipment finance. We offer confidential and non-judgemental advice on business finance options. We work with businesses of all sizes and commercial sectors finance assets, machinery and equipment. We have found asset, machinery, vehicle and equipment facilities for hundreds of businesses and remain in contact with all our clients.


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