Maintenance inclusive Finance

There are various different types of finance available such as finance lease, hire purchase or operating lease. Whatever finance method chosen, the option of maintenance inclusive finance can be opted for.

What is maintenance inclusive finance?

For most items of heavy and technical equipment we recommend considering maintenance inclusive finance. All-Inclusive maintenance agreement combines routine maintenance and breakdown cover into one inclusive ‘trouble free’ package. Some maintenance inclusive finance packages include the added benefit of all component parts, service and labour costs.

Key benefits of optional maintenance inclusive contracts

  • Maintenance inclusive contracts can save time and trouble by including a quarterly maintenance charge for equipment with the rental collection.
  • The element of cost on maintenance inclusive contracts can be collected along with the monthly or quarterly rental by direct debit.
  • In the long term maintenance inclusive contracts can improve cash flow, ease credit control workload and provide businesses with a single solution.
  • Some maintenance inclusive contracts maintenance charges can also include a maximum number of metered units.

We will help you through the small print

  • Some contracts incur additional charges for consumables such as oil, filters and wear pads
  • Some maintenance inclusive finance service also excludes misuse and abuse, operator error, fire and vandalism clauses.

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