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Service to Business

Service to Business

By considering asset & equipment finance businesses get the opportunity to finance their asset and equipment purchases rather than buy them outright.


Our customer driven service enables businesses to combine the USPs of their own assets with the clear commercial advantages of asset and equipment finance, to create a compelling win-win situation.


Rapid ROI


By avoiding the expense of an up-front payment, financing equipment means that it starts repaying the investment in your products virtually from day one.


Tax savings


If a business buys your products outright, they will only be able to “write off” some of the cost to reduce their tax bill. If they use asset finance, 100% of every payment they make can be written off against tax.


Building-out obsolescence


To ensure a business only ever operates with state-of-the-art technology, asset  finance will enable a business to upgrade to the latest offerings.


Tailor-made payment plans


With hundred of finance product combinations to choose from, we help businesses of all sizes customers find and secure payment terms that suit their precise needs.


Maintain their credit rating


Because asset leasing is a different form of ‘borrowing’, a finance deal that secures a purchase from a business won’t affect a businesses alternative financing relationships.


Keeping control


Online support so that a business can instantly access up-to-date credit information, upgrade allowances, and the latest financial promotions from the global funding markets.




Who Are We?

Gable Asset Finance is business finance brokerage specialising in asset and equipment finance. We offer confidential and non-judgemental advice on business finance options. We work with businesses of all sizes and commercial sectors finance assets, machinery and equipment. We have found asset, machinery, vehicle and equipment facilities for hundreds of businesses and remain in contact with all our clients.